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Scissors are not just a working tools: they are a fundamental component of a hairdresser's creativity. For this reason, choosing the scissors to be used is of great importance and should be made with great attention to your own needs.

Specific models for left-handed people: Not everyone knows that scissors commonly used by hairdressers are designed for those who hold them with their right hands. The tool, in fact, is not perfectly symmetrical and can therefore be used regardless of whether the user is left-handed or right-handed. Sometimes it happens that the manufacturers only change the handle, but not the blades, which turn so 180 °, covering the visibility on the cutting with the lower blade. To avoid these shortcomings, there are special scissors for the left, which have inverted blades.

The perfect scissors are the tools  you feel comfortable with, almost like an extension of your hand!

Not everyone has the same needs: some professionals prefer the short scissors, others the long scissors; it depends on the type of cut they want to make.

Professional hairdressers use different scissors depending on the type of work they perform. For this, a good set of scissors must include models with blades of different types.

Let's see together what different types of hair scissors are available on the market.

The types of hairdressing scissors used mainly to make haircuts for men are:

Haircuts with teeth, which allow you to create a perfect and tidy hairstyle.

Haircuts used by hairdressers, which have medium length dimensions and are characterized by the presence of a serrated blade that allows more grip in the cut.

The types of hairdressing scissors used mainly to make women's hairstyles are:

Haircuts with smooth blade, those with serrated blade and those with teeth, or lace blade.

The scissors with a smooth blade slide the hair to perfection and give the possibility to make a cut as smooth as possible and also used in making different spinning techniques. These scissors are also very useful for making square style (carré stile).

Haircuts with lace blade are used instead to thin and trim the hair.

We can supply on order scissors characterized by a different density of teeth on the blades.

To make the most particular and extreme cuts, you can use crocodile-type scissors, with double blade with teeth (above and below) that allow for clear breaks inside the suites. The result will be a modern effect on the entire hair.

In addition to the blades mentioned above, there is also the blade type, which can be used for finer cuts. These scissors are ideal for trimming the ends and getting a fine cut, but they can also be used at the end of the basic cut, with a sliding motion that runs the entire length of the hair to ease the hairstyle.

You can find different types of scissors for hairdressing, in the same way the materials of their creation are also different. There are so many models and materials for scissors and every professional has to choose the type that is best suited to his way of working.

The best haircuts are those covered entirely in steel, carbon or titanium.

The choice of a measure or type of handle is absolutely personal and subjective, both elements must be proportional to the conformation of the professional's hand, but also to the type of technique and cutting that one wishes to achieve.

The cutting blades: All hairdressing scissors are composed of 2 blades that rotate around a screw due to the action performed by those who use them. Now, everyone thinks that the best cutting depends on sharpening the blades. However, this is only partially true: the effectiveness of the cutting is determined more by the way in which the blades come in contact, than by the fact how sharp they are. And the quality of the contact of the blades depends on the material from which the scissors are made: the best are made of high quality tempered steels! 420C or 440C steel, where letter C represents carbon, 420/440 is the amount of carbon present in the alloy and determines the hardness of the steel.

There are 3 main types of handles in the haircut. Usually, a hairdresser chooses the scissors depending on how he "feels" them in his hand, in relation to the morphology and the type of cut that he is going to make.

The 3 types of handles are:

• Opposite or symmetrical handle: is the basic scissors.

• Semi-offset or semi-asymmetrical handle, Allows you to maintain a lower elbow position during cutting.

• Offset c asymmetrical handle, A new design for professionals who use the ring finger to hold the scissors. The "Offset" handle guarantees a more open hand position. Fingering the thumb reduces excessive extension of the finger itself. This allows you to cut with an open hand position and feel less tension in the forearm tendon.

Each good set of scissors must contain at least one model for each handle