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Presso Massage 8

Draining and Reactivating Action

The Press Massage contributes to restore the venous-lymphatic function, favoring peripheral circulation. It performs a drainage action, reducing swelling and muscle tension. It has a significant detoxifying and revitalizing effect, improves tissues regeneration and prevents the formation of cellulite signs. This is an extremely relaxing treatment which creates a sense of wellness and lightness

Shaping Physio Stimulation

Toning and Reshaping Action

Shaping Physiostimulation is an innovative technology designed and conceived by Overline laboratories which redefines shape, combats sagging skin making it compact and supple, and tones up muscles thanks to gentle and calibrated bio impulses. It promotes the release of stagnant fluid, the elimination of toxins and the assimilation of the active principles present in the iSol. bandages, which must be applied before wrapping the client with the bandages in order to perform the Shaping Physiostimulation treatment.