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Cryolipolysis device for the total elimination of the face and body fat, in particular for double chin, arms, hips, inner thigh, abdomen, shoulders.

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Cryolipolysis device for the total elimination of the face and body fat, in particular for double chin, arms, hips, inner thigh, abdomen, shoulders. Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive procedure that removes fats easily and effectively from areas of the body that have not responded to traditional diet and exercise. Patients can benefit from results immediately evident in the natural aspect of their problem areas. The device has 4 handpieces (one for the double chin, the other with the following dimensions 100/150/200 mm) to reach all areas of the body, even the most difficult. The machine has two workstations for which it is possible to operate simultaneously on two areas. The handpieces are equipped with the latest cooling technology which uses three working modes (soft, ordinary, super) to choose from and are adaptable to all customer problems for both small, medium and medium-sized areas. large. The device uses a combination of heating and cooling technology for better skin protection. The new water cooling cycle system and the new electronic card guarantee better equipment quality. The automatic massage during the treatment makes the whole process pleasant. The device has two air pumps and two water pumps. If one party has problems, this will not affect the normal work of the other party. The treatment system of the device uses chromotherapy with red LED light, which accelerates blood circulation and increases oxygenation and toning activity. The green LED light reduces the swelling of the skin typical of antifreeze treatments. The green color calms and limits bruising. The cups of the handpiece are cooled to -36 degrees to allow a better frost effect of the piece.After the treatment, the skin remains slightly reddish, without bruising. The skin will return to normal the next day. Technology - In the cold, at very low localized temperatures, the triglycerides in the fat solidify, then they are grouped in a single point, becoming easy to hit with all the other technologies present in the device. It uses advanced cooling technology to selectively treat the protrusions (fat on the belly, buttocks, goose, hips, etc.) and remove the fat cells through a gradual process that does not damage the surrounding tissue, thus reducing natural fat. When fat cells are exposed to precise cooling, they trigger a natural removal process that gradually reduces excess fat from the fat layer. The fat cells in the treated area are easily eliminated by the body's normal metabolic process contained in the blood and lymphatic system. Advantages -  This equipment includes all current cosmetic and medical non-surgical technologies for the localized solution of excess fat and cellulite.  This technology is more advanced than liposuction, fat melting technology  This new technology is able to eliminate already after the first treatment about 26% of the fat present in the treated area.  Selectivity of the equipment can be activated in all parts of the body, including back fat and cellulite.  There is no downtime  It does not require anesthesia  Total without pain  Without incision during the procedure, most patients remain completely out and able to read, listen to music and relax